Transform your building's systems by participating in our energy efficiency programs to drive its value and recapture cost savings from improved energy management.


Mid-Market Dynamic Energy Efficiency (MMDEEP)

A program developed by Southern California Edison (SCE) and implemented by InTech, the MMDEEP aims to equip mid-sized commercial buildings with innovative energy monitoring and analytics hardware and affordable building controls. By transforming traditional building systems into intelligent and connected devices, customers can automate and optimize the operations of their utilities for maximum comfort and energy savings.


What will you receive?

Signing on for MMDEEP includes no-obligation technical services to help you identify potential energy saving opportunities as well as financial incentives for qualifying energy efficiency upgrades.


Project Support Services

Support with Energy Star Benchmarking

Energy Monitoring

Validation of energy and cost savings

Assistance with bid development

Installation Oversight

Who is eligible?

Active SCE service accounts

Commercial building owners, operators, and tenants

Facilities under 499kW of peak demand

Other eligibility requirements may apply

Interested in participating in our MMDEEP Program? Get started by contacting Intech Energy today to schedule a site visit. Our team will design a no-obligation energy efficiency report highlighting energy and cost savings opportunities, financial incentives, and return-on-investment metrics.